Airguns in Scotland - I already have a Firearms or Shotgun Certificate - will I be affected?

Posted by Alisdair Troup on 03-Jun-2016 14:00:00


As of the 1st of January 2017 The Air Weapon and Licensing Act (Scotland) 2015 wil be enforced.  This will mean that everyone in Scotland in possession of an Airgun will have to be licensed. Even if you are a current Shotgun or Firearms certificate holder, this still affects you, so please do not ignore it!

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What is involved in getting an Airgun license?

Posted by Alisdair Troup on 02-Jun-2016 14:00:00


On the 1st of January 2017 the new Air Weapon and Licensing Act (Scotland) 2015 will be enforced and it will be a legal requirement for anyone in possession of an Airgun in Scotland to be licensed. This is a brand new licensing process and is far more stringent that most people realise.  Make sure you understand who can apply and what the key criteria are.

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What is changing with airguns in Scotland?

Posted by Alisdair Troup on 01-Jun-2016 14:00:00


As of the 1st of January 2017 anyone in Scotland who wishes to possess an airgun will require to be authorised. For most people this will involve applying for, and being granted, a new Airgun license. If you possess a current firearms or shotgun license in Scotland you will be allowed to wait until your next renewal before you have to apply for your airgun license. Here is a headline summary of the key changes to help you quickly identify if you need to act.

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BushWear AirGun Hand in Scheme

Posted by Alisdair Troup on 25-May-2016 14:00:00


The Scottish government has introduced legislation requiring all people who wish to own an Airgun, both rifles and pistols, ( Over 1 joule and under 12ft lbs for rifles, or under 6ft lbs for pistols) to be licensed.  Previously there was no requirement for a license or registration, you just had to be over 18 (and not prohibited).  The cost of the license (~£80) and the stringent eligibility criteria mean that it is likely that a large number of people will choose to get give up their airguns rather than get licensed.

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When you feel a little p-peckish, p-p-p-pick up a Shotgun

Posted by Kenny Willmitt on 18-May-2016 17:23:02



Spring has truly sprung and many of you will be preparing to go woodpigeon shooting.  Acres of Rape, favoured by huge flocks of birds during the winter and early spring, are now in flower so they have naturally diverted their attention and set their sights on other, more nutritious food sources - like recently sown fields of cereal crops.

Woodpigeons (woodies) are considered a major agricultural pests and in some cases can cause extensive damage to crops resulting in poor crop yields that can have a serious economic impact on a farmer's income. They therefore need to be controlled.

So, with this in mind, over the course of the next couple of weeks we will be blogging our hearts out and will hopefully assist you in despatching these wiley woody's, on a same day service, to the dinner plate.

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Can I trap magpies in my garden?

Posted by Kenny Willmitt on 22-Mar-2016 02:00:00


You don't need to be a gamekeeper, farmer or land manager to trap Magpies as almost anyone, including a homeowner, can trap them and other pest bird species under the terms of the general licences.

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How to deal with problem Magpies

Posted by Kenny Willmitt on 22-Mar-2016 02:00:00


Magpies that become wary of your trap for whatever reason, can be extremely difficult to trap and you will often see them dance around your Larsen trap, but refuse to jump in or avoid it completely.

This is when you need to consider why this is happening, change strategy and consider alternative options.

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How do I trap magpies?

Posted by Kenny Willmitt on 22-Mar-2016 02:00:00


There are a number of options available and much depends on your particular circumstance and on who you talk to. That said, I have found in practice that the best and most commonly used trap is a larsen trap.

They come in various shapes and sizes but are essentially portable cage-traps which have a closed compartment for confining a live decoy bird and one or more spring or gravity activated trap-doors which are either top or side mounted.

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What time of year is best to trap problem Magpies?

Posted by Kenny Willmitt on 22-Mar-2016 02:00:00

BestTimeMagpies.jpgLarsen traps will catch all corvid pest species (ie. crows, magpies, jackdaws, jays, rooks) at most times of the year, but they will be more effective during the nesting period when they are setting up and aggressively defending their breeding territories.

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Is it legal to trap magpies in my garden?

Posted by Kenny Willmitt on 22-Mar-2016 02:00:00


The licence “To kill or take certain birds for the conservation of wild birds” allows “authorised persons” the use of Larsen traps and other methods of control. We therefore believe that trapping magpies in your garden to protect other nesting birds is perfectly legal.

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